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vardaxoglou wedding stories

A couple you can't  forget. The expressions on Niky's face are constantly changing. The calmness  becomes smile, laughter, emotion, singing. George does not miss an opportunity to show her his  love and appreciation.
The ceremony was at the church of Agios Nikolaos in Anavissos and the party at Mojito Bay. I appreciate the trust you showed in me from the first moment we met and I thank you for the beautiful pictures you gave me.

A beautiful traditional wedding in Pyrgos. The ceremony was held  in the small picturesque church of the Holy Apostles in Leventohori. 
A couple that immediately won you over  with its kindness and simplicity. Christo's  look on Georgia gave us a good picture of the future .... of their everlasting happiness.
I wish all your dreams come true!

Our destination was the beautiful  island of Aegina .The ceremony was held in the picturesque chapel of St. Anargyroi , between relatives and friends . As Father Constantine was wedding the couple a ship was passing by ,sending its wishes! A wonderful wedding where we got lost into the moments ...Guys  I wish that you stay always in love with all your dear ones by your side showing the appreciation and love.

A beautiful traditional wedding in Ancient Epidaurus. Two lovely families. A couple that left us with  beautiful memories of the weekend we spent together. Groom from Crete and bride from Epidaurus ,joined their hearts at the Church of St. Nicholas. At the reception Cretan lira and traditional music entertained us until late at night. The next day  found us in the picturesque harbor of Ancient Epidaurus for our photoshoot. Sandro and Despina, thank you for your trust and I wish your life will be full of joy and fun like your wedding day.

It was a tough day…. from the rainy ones you start from home full of anxiety. You wonder if your pictures will be beautiful as they will be taken in tough conditions.
You arrive at the place of the couple's preparation and you only see smiles. The agony is  immediately gone , you know everything will be impeccable, that what you have in mind will be done.... and it was.
George, Vicky and Sylla I wish your life will always be like this rainy but so warm and sweet Sunday.

The first full moon of the summer did not impress much. It  failed to win our attention.
But  Mark and Penelope certainly did. A couple that wins you with their calmness and sweetness, right away.
An unforgettable night full of emotion, smile, laughter, lot of  dancing and a beautiful couple who will soon be welcoming the new member of their family.

A beautiful wedding ,designed to the last detail. George, with the humor that characterizes him and Elina with her sweet smile, made that warm evening of September even more wonderful.
The party was held in the welcoming place of Varkiza Resort where the couple came in a small boat by the sea. I wish that smile stays for ever on your lips!

When we agreed last year for   Vasili's and Sylvia's wedding  I was sure that everything will be fine whatever adversity happened.
The next day   photo shoot  was  at the spectacular setting of Cape Sounio. It was raining.. and when it stopped for a while we made our clicks,
always with a smile and a good mood. The wedding and the party were held  at Nymphs grove ,a beautiful place just outside Athens.
Vasili ,coming from Crete ,observed customs and throu the  necessary patched. Sylvia also kept the custom of  delaying half hour.
Nobody cared about it .... the lyrists created a traditional atmosphere. The reception  lasted until dawn and everybody  was dancing!!!
Vasili and Sylvia I could go on and on about  you ..... I wish all my Weddings resemble yours !!

What is that, that ultimately characterizes wedding photography? The inspiration ... the chemistry of the photographer and the couple ... the comfort ... the anxiety ... the perfection ... but above all is the moment.
The right "click" at the right time. You have to be patient and it will come.  Julius and Katerina's wedding had several pictures, beautiful, funny. I hardly needed to direct them .
 I'm glad I was facing them discreetly and quite unnoticed. I wish you wholeheartedly every happiness 

My first meeting with those two was a year ago. Nice people, smiling, friendly with a willingness to cooperate.
Time passed and  the day of their wedding at the Zolota estate  arrived.
 Eri with a smile that exceeded her little anxiety and George that did not have the  time to get stressed by the jokes of his friends.
It is beautiful to work  among people who I have photographed before and  I feel very close to them.
George and Eri  I wish you all the  happiness and all my best to   Alexandros and Despina !!