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vardaxoglou wedding stories

A wedding that had everything. A couple that shone with happiness. Dear friends who had fun until dawn. Our photographic journey was filled with beautiful pictures. Moments of joy, excitement, surprise, laughter. A wedding with exciting emotions. Dimitri & Mary thank you for your trust and love.

A wedding that lets you get lost in the pictures. A couple that wins you over from the first moment with its serenity and simplicity. Authentic people with two loving families by their side. I photographed the final rehearsals of the costume and the wedding dress in an environment of joy and excitement. The wedding and party took place in the beautiful Five Elements venue and lasted until the early hours. The gorgeous couple showed its love and humor, with a typical example of the bride's passing the bouquet to her friends. Dimitri & Vicky I wish you all the happiness up to your old age.

A marvelous wedding in Agia Filothei, a party until dawn in the Bremenioti Estate and a dreamy photo shoot on the streets of Nafplion. Two people that make you feel like you are part of their joy. Families that the word hospitality shows in their eyes. I'm really happy to have been with you and have this nice result. I wish you all the love and that your life together will be just as you dreamed of

Two days before we left 2018 behind and welcomed 2019 I photographed the wonderful marriage of Aristides and Ioanna. The ceremony was held in Agia Skepi and then we walked around the festively decorated center of Athens. After a beautiful photoshoot , our evening continued until late at the hospitable Gazarte. We closed our photographic year in the most beautiful way among friends, cheerful faces and festive atmosphere. Our best wishes for everlasting happiness from me and my colleagues.

Everything was amazing. From the beautiful space at the 48 estate,to the sunny day, the mood of the people, the bridesmaids, the cheerfulness, the couple. It's a beautiful feeling when they choose you as their photographer and leave you free to show them a different look .... how you saw the wedding through your lens. Thomas and Yiota I thank you very much!

A romantic wedding that fills you with admiration. Simple people in love. People who live for each other. Few people, by choice, and real wishes. The ceremony was held in the hospitable area of ​​"The Residence". Dimitris, when the clock showed midnight, surprised his beloved by bringing the cake for her 32nd birthday. I am very happy that I was there at the best day of your life and I wish that your life will be filled with smile, because you really deserve it.

A beautiful wedding that lets you get lost in its pictures. A couple eager to follow our photographic concerns ... Stelio and Constantina thank you for your patience, but it was worth the effort. I wish that you will be always happy in your new life.

It was a wedding you don't forget ....  that everywhere I looked there was a beautiful picture. A couple that at the end of the night ... almost dawn ....  you wonder if you can  let them go and go rest for the next day. A wonderful party that everyone danced and had a great time . Gregory & Margarita thank you for everything and I wish that you will always be next to each other.

There are some weddings, some couples that at the end of the night ....I know why I like my job. You get home tired but you've been a part of the wedding. You come back with a smile and wait on Monday to live through your pictures the same intensity, the same jokes to laugh as when you where there. Peter and Elita I wish you never lose your humor and smile.

A magnificent traditional wedding with several elements from Pontos. A smiling couple, a company that really made you have a wonderful night.
Leonida and Maria I wish your whole life is full of dancing and laughter.